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  • Hi this is John from Remsport Mfg. I have a NES AR lower receiver that has been donated to GOAL by an anonymous donor. How would you like me to handle this transaction Will anyone be stopping by Remsport? If so I can do the transfer if not what FFL would you like me to ship to?
    Remsport Mfg.
    413 5679 1994
    been sending emails to reps etc ove the last 2 weeks
    re 4102, i have not gotten any resposnes at all.

    Kinda gives me an uncomfortable feeling. any good news.

    Happy to see GOAL is represented here at NES. I am a recent member of both! Just got my membership card from GOAL not long ago. Keep it up!
    I renewed my family membership recently, but have gotten two more "reminder" pacs since then. I' rather see GOAL save their money? :) Keep up the good work.
    Looks like there would be some interest in a GOAL Heller Decision Fund. Could use your input on the forum.
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