‘Unconstitutional’: DOJ Announces Red Flag Center For Gun-Grab Operation Against Americans

White House Office of Gun Control Offices

”Kamala Harris today announced formation of a White House Office charged with making a list of White House Offices formed by the Clinton, Obama and Biden administrations focused on gun control. Staffers discovered numerous offices in distant hallways, closets and basements with duplicative names and duties, staffed by personnel with no plans or budgets - some with no staff at all - all formed by Presidential initiatives to combat gun violence. Some offices appeared to have been unvisited by staff for decades, with accumulations of dust, cobwebs and actual print magazines strewn about. “Our goal in 2024 is to identify, assess and coordinate efforts amoung these many gun violence offices to optimize an efficient process going forward in the second Biden administration” said Harris.”[/i}
This creates a very nice central clearing house for 'info' (accusation without merit or evidence) and a set of doctors who are rabidly anti-2A setting the guidelines and rules. This clearing house then filters down to the state their warning on individuals, the state then calls the local PD to perform the confiscation. By having the local PD do it, you probably know them and will be more compliant than Feds showing up.

Remember what I said about off the books, offsite storage...............
What’s to stop them from labeling everyone on NES who ever voiced support for the J6 crowd (for example) as a domestic threat?
Bro... you're still worried about being labeled a domestic threat?

That ship crashed into a bridge and kept going 2 years ago
Again. Still....

So the ERPO bills take peoples' guns because "The person might be a threat to themselves or others."

Do they also take the person's cars, ropes, knives, baseball bats, or golf clubs? Do they take away the person's access to high places, or eliminate gravity? Do they take away the person's prescription drugs? Do they prevent people from buying pressure cookers and fireworks? Can they buy a gallon of gas? Can they still rent a UHaul truck?

Because there are many ways for people to hurt themselves or others beyond just guns.

Do they provide ANY counseling or other services to these ostensibly despondent people? Or just take away their guns, thereby PROVING that "they really are out to get them"?

Answer the questions honestly and it becomes evident pretty quick that these bills have nothing whatsoever to do with anyone's safety, and everything to do with just taking guns for the sake of taking guns.
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