District Judge: Gun Ban For Illegal Immigrant Unconstitutional

They did. But if they have an asylum claim, regardless of whether or not you or I think it's spurious, then they're not "felons" until a court says they are. Hell, even if they're not claiming asylum, they're still entitled to due process under the Constitution, just like you or I.

Convictions in court matter in terms of ganking peoples' RKBA. Short of that, the right is absolute in accordance with 2A.
That is absolutely correct reasoning.

It will NOT be how it's interpreted. It will be:

"This illegal is allowed to be armed cuz the Court sez."
while simultaneously
"...but YOU are not, cuz these other Courts have said This Thing Here."​
We've all said it's an invasion and they are all military age men. Now they can be armed (without following any of the laws that effect citizens), all they need is comms to be an effective fighting force - it's a good thing the government issued cell phones to them as they crossed the border.
Next, they'll be issuing them guns, and orders of who to kill.
So, does this set some sort of precedent?
No, the judge found the law to be constitutional on its face, but unconstitutional as applied to the respondent. As of now this ruling only applies to this specific defendant.
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