Looking for custom kydex mag pouches? I have a product recommendation! All popular magazine sizes.

Scott A.

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Jun 14, 2009
Lakes Region NH
I came across a recommendation on Etsy for custom made holsters. I contacted Jeff @ www.jrcholstersllc.com, to see if could make me a double mag pouch, and get it to me quick before I left for FL for a the Winter. Although I don't recommend putting him on the spot like that, I wanted to report that Jeff made a great looking, double mag pouch for me, and shipped it to me, basically within a few days. Amazing! The mag pouch fits my G43x and G43 mags perfectly, which even Blade-Tech couldn't achieve, even though they claimed their mag pouch fits- it doesn't. I couldn't have gotten better communication or quality from Jeff, and will definitely be ordering again soon. Please consider using Jeff, and let me know your results!

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