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  • I have a stainless Ruger Single six 22lr and also the 22mag cylinder in very nice condition. Any interest in a trade and some cash?

    If not do you have a cash value you would be looking for?


    Hello again. I was finally able to download pics of 03A3 on my WTT post. I'm not sure what I need to know to get a value but if you could take a look at the pics and I'll try to answer any questions.
    Thanks again, Tom
    I am thinking that Monday may be good for me in the morning sometime if it is good with you. I will give you a call tomorrow and we can try to coordinate . Thanks, Frank
    Frank, my number is 617-590-1699

    I wil be at Northeast Trading today doing a deal with another person on the 629 I had listed. I will be there around noon today.
    My cell is 978 273-8502 and I will be around tomorrow morning. Or if you give me your number I will call you tomorrow morning and we can get this sorted out. I think I want this 686, but just have to work out the times and all. Best, Frank
    The gun was a Seekonk PD trade in and it saw very little use but I don't know how many rounds are thru it. It is however in excellent condition and I doubt it was isuued. Tell ya what I'll do...If you are willing to make the drive to Northeast Trading in N. Attleboro, I will sell it to you for $425 and I will pick up the $25 transfer fee.
    I am interested in your 686. Are there any issues with it, cosmetically or mechanically? Any idea of round count? Can you do any better than the 475.00 you are asking? I just missed a nice one with box at 425.00 and that's about what I was hoping to spend. The transfer fee kicks it up a bit as my guy on this end is 40.00. I could do FTF but I live in the Newburyport/Salisbury area and would be quite a drive to you, unless we could meet somewhere. Thanks, Frank
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