Ruger 10/22 extended magazine release suggestions.


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Feb 19, 2008
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Any suggestions on an extended magazine release? Are the ones on eBay fine, or should I look elsewhere?

It’s really worth 4x the eBay ones? What makes it better?

Happy to spend more, but just wondering why.
The fire switch is a push pull release. Not sure if there are any others on the market like it. If it's randomkross it's a top tier product in my mind. Is it worth $50. For me I haven't picked one up cause I really like my current releases.

The T3 and a tactical solution extended release.

My concern with the fire switch. Cost not considering, is it looks like it will snag or get in the way. Looks, I've never used one so I don't know.
I'd say go for it regarding the fleabay mag releases if it's a lever type. Many of them appear to be Kidd knock-offs or some version thereof. If it's crap you are only out ~$13. I'd say just get an original Kidd (I have one) but on Kidd's website they only list some sort of interchangeable system that looks like an unnecessary complication and cost.

For me I'd avoid any of the pull-back types like the Tandomkross release. With a flush 10-round mag seems like I'd be bumping that thing and accidentally dropping mags. For others that might be AOK.
For what its worth, I ordered the Tandomcross Skeletonized release


I just tossed it into a rifle and here are my thoughts.

Its nice, a decent upgrade from the stock mag release. Aggressive texturing on the release side. Very easy and smooth foward/upward pressure releases the mag with no issues. I actually like it. Its a nice design. Light weight, quality build. About what I would expect from Tandomkross.

However, I won't be keepting it on my rifle. It will go in the bin with my other 10/22 parts. I'll take it out to the range just to verify, but the dozen or so mag swaps I just did should be enough. I have one issues with it, and it is geared towards how I use my 10/22's and how its currently setup I have the tandomkross bolt release and, it is roughly the same size and the bolt release will interfer with accessing the magazine release slightly. For me, quick mag changes is key and this is just too small of a mag release. If I had a standard bolt release, then this would actually be a very nice upgrade. Currently, I grip the bolt release with my pinky and palm as I move my hand forward under the rifle. This allows me to drop the mag and catch the mag with my same hand, in a very smooth transition. With this mag release and my extended bolt release, I would have to press the mag release with my pointer, as I would have no room to press it with my palm. Without the extended bolt release I could just press the release with the palm of my hand and it would workout really well.
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