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3D printed 10/22 Magazine Tray and ...


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Mar 28, 2010
Beverly, MA
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So, I've been tinkering away with some useful 3D prints related to shooting sports. I have about a dozen designs in the works, but I'm ready to go live with one of them.

I have up on Printables a design for a 10/22 magazine tray. This tray can be printed off for a nice way to carry around your magazines, loaded or unloaded, they fit the same. There are a lot of ways people store their 10/22 mags including some Tupperware that's out there that fits the mags nicely. What I've done is model the tray so that you can print off a Milwaukee Deep Tray for your Compact Jobsite Organizer. I've also included the STL file for a Milwaukee Deep tray, that's been slightly modified so that there is a small bit of useful space below the magazine insert, and that the magazines are only slightly below the lid of the organizer itself. This keeps the magazines firmly in place without fear of them falling out during transport.

Right now the Milwaukee Tray print only fits the Compact Organizer, some ribs in the standard jobsite organizer are preventing the tray from being inserted.

This is still a Work in Progress design, but it's mature enough that I would like to get it out into people's hands. See what they think, how they like it, and whatnot. I mean it's 99% complete. I just need to fix the Compact vs Standard job site organizer issue. There's not much more to do past this.

Feel free to print the models for your use as you like, but if you like the design I would appreciate a review.

I'll be posting more designs as they mature. If you have any questions post below or DM me.

Design Link

NOTE: I am not a mechanical engineer, I am not the person you want to ask for help with your ideas. I know enough and have a strong ability to learn, but I know I'm not doing these designs the right way. I use Fusion 360 and I do not use it the way I'm supposed to. So you don't want my advice.

Tray with mags A.jpg Tray with mags B.jpg
compact case with mags.jpg 1022 8 Mag insert.jpg
Milwauke Packout deep tray.jpg
CCI Quiet out of a 22" barrel is so quiet that all you hear is the striker fall, doesn't have loading/feeding issues, and is usually more available and cheaper than 22 short.

But as far as using it in a semi-auto, why not? So what if you have to use it like a bolt action? Its dead silent without a silencer that you can't really get in Mass.
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