Looking for ammo storage ideas

I have heard about a round limit you have to stay under so you don't have to pull a storage permit with the FD. I have never heard of having to lock up your ammo though.
I believe the limits without a permit from the fire department are:
1. Not more than 10,000 rounds of rim fire ammunition.
2. Not more than 10,000 rounds of center fire ammunition.
3. Not more than 5,000 rounds of shotgun ammunition.
Additionally in Massachusetts is it supposed to be "secure", meaning locked up.
I have a four shelf "wardrobe" cabinet that I currently store ammo, parts, and cleaning supplies in. It won't be moving with me and should be available if anyone wants it early November.

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Get a tall locking cabinet. Easy peasy.
No one who has a serious amount of ammo can fit it all in one of those. That's like a "starter kit."
No one who has a serious amount of ammo considers just ONE of those.

Also, can't put everyone in the same bucket. As a reloader, I keep 2-3K reloaded but many times that amount in components, I don't need to keep that much ammo reloaded.
Looking for some convenient ammo storage ideas. I have been using a few large military metal boxes with clamp on lids and locks but it’s a pain to access and a pain to sort through stuff. I think they are old rocket or mortar boxes. Please share ideas and or pictures of things you have found convenient.
I just stack it all on shelves in my basement. There is no requirement by law for me to "lock it up" so don't feel a need to do so. I know.....fire code reg....I don't give a flying f*** what fire Marshall bill thinks about my ammo storage.

I keep it sorted by caliber on the shelves.
Yes. Next time you are at the MA Cabelas, grab an empty plastic ammo box and try to pay for it without showing your LTC.

The computer forces them to check.

Maybe we should stsrt a petition for them to also ask for an LTC for hunting clothing. It is for the children.
I was in there yesterday to buy triple 7 pellets, saboted bullets, etc.
Clerk: do you need LTC for this?
Me: no.

There was something he needed age verification for, but I just showed my DL.
Any one else use one of those truck bed tool boxes? Like this - https://a.co/d/4vVbLRW except mine is 49 x 15 x 15. It's lockable, doesn't look like a gun safe and wasn't expensive at the time. It takes floor space but I can stack stuff on top so not a big deal. I can also fill every inch of the thing which is nice.
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