Juniors Mini Modified 3 Gun Match - Withdrawn

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Jan 2, 2012
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This event is being withdrawn publicly due to lack of interest.
Thank you,

What makes it “mini?” It will only be a single stage.

What makes it “modified?” First, we will supply all firearms and ammunition. Next, participants will NEVER move with a loaded firearm, nor will they carry ANY ammunition. The course of fire will be constructed so that each firearm is shot until empty and returned to a table before the shooter moves to the next station. Safely is #1. Fun is #2.

What are they shooting at? Knock down steel targets used for the WLRGC Walls of Steel matches.

How does one “win?” One target down equals one point. Highest number of points wins. So, accuracy is stressed, and is more important than speed. However, in the event of a points tie, place will be determined by stage time ranked lowest to highest time.

What should I bring?
Bring eye and ear protection for any participant or spectator.

Can I bring my own guns? Sorry, NO! WLRGC will provide all firearms and ammunition.

Won’t it get dark? Yes, but we will be shooting under stadium lights.

Cost: Non-Members: $20 in advance (contact me), Junior Club Members: Free

A little more info:

This event is for beginning to intermediate junior shooters with prior firearms experience. (This is not the event to introduce your junior to shooting.) Participants will shoot at least 10 rounds of 9mm pistol (i.e. M&P 9 or Glock 34), at least 10 rounds of 9mm from a Just Right Carbine with red dot, and at least 3 rounds from a semi-automatic shotgun (12 or 20 gauge) - one after another in a timed stage. Round count may increase depending on course layout. Prior knowledge of safe firearm handling is required.

In all seriousness… this is an event for beginning to intermediate, but NOT first time, shooters. We really like to start first timers out with a .22, and we won’t have time for that during the match. However, if you have a junior that has shot a shotgun before, and they understand recoil, they’ll be fine. It would also be helpful if they have fired a pistol larger than .22 caliber.

What about “Advanced” shooters? If your junior shoots in regular 3 gun matches, they may be bored without the running and reloading 3 gun is known for. They may also be frustrated because they are not using their own equipment. Are they welcome? Absolutely! We just want to be up front. This match isn’t a serious competition; it’s just for fun.

We know kids from 12-17 years old can vary greatly in size. We have chosen firearms with this in mind. The 9mm carbine is lightweight and has an adjustable stock. Both small and large kids can (and do) shoot this safely. The kids will have their choice of 9mm pistols. The M&P will have the “small” backstrap installed. The Glock 34 may be more comfortable for larger shooters. Larger kids will shoot a 12 gauge semi-automatic Browning with ported barrel. Smaller kids will shoot a semi-automatic 20 gauge Franchi Affinity compact. We’ll use standard 9mm rounds in the carbine and pistols, and light target loads in the shotguns.

If your junior is not already a member of Wallum Lake Rod & Gun Club, you will need to get in touch with me in order for them to participate in this match. PM is how to start that conversation.

Other questions, just ask. Reply to this message or send me a PM.

We reserve the right to limit the number of participants.
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