Interesting perspective

The point of the article was that it's better to avoid a gun fight if at all possible. Of course, if you are in your home, it might not be possible, but out on the street it generally is. In either case, I thought it was an interesting read.

The presentation is a bit of a straw man argument. Sure, there are a lot of gun owners who throw around little macho bits like these, but has anybody ever run into a real instructor whose instruction is based on anything this simplistic? As There are times when life is simple: you either run away, stand there waiting to get killed, or get seriously violent. A few people without much context or experience may focus solely on this last case. Everybody else I know of treats it as one part of of the whole situation, including avoiding trouble in the first place, escaping trouble when you can, and finally making sure you're the victor when there's no other acceptable alternative.

I do notice a behavior change in myself when I do carry - I do become that meek person mentioned in the article. I won't even so much as flip off someone (when driving) when I'm armed - I'm very conscious that I do NOT want any kind of confrontation to escalate to where I have to use my gun if I can avoid it.
Welcome to the club, Ross. I tell students about a conference I attended down on the cape several years ago. After the meetings and dinner, a bunch of us were spending some time at a watering hole next to the hotel, talking, shooting some pool and throwing back a few. At one point I noticed the little hairs on the back of my neck starting to twitch a little, for no obvious reason. I stopped, looked around carefully a couple of times and finally figured out what had set them off. Without going into the details (which make a better story FTF than in writing) I saw something that had a small potential of turning into the sort of bar room brawl we used to look forward to way back when. Even though I know that whatever happened, I wouldn't be a participant, I decided that I'd rather be back at the hotel. When I got back there, I noticed that two friends of mine, both of whom I'd give 20 to 1 were also carrying that evening, had also relocated themselves within a few minutes of the time I did. BTDT, don't have anything to prove to anybody, and even without the potential legal BS, just don't need the hassle.

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