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  • LOL on the cat comment - my male cat almost knocked out my first Rottie with a casual BIG bang with a right paw upside the head. My 110 lb Rottie had his head on the swivel after that!
    Thank you for your well written post on the POTUS thread.
    We need Dr.Paul to Win!
    Rep. Hoell
    If you have the straps I can meet you tomorrow sometime around 230 or 300 in the nashua area or saturday morning I am going to the bobs furniture pickup in nashua
    I have to say, your post on the Manchester By the Sea man started
    "You just don't get the concept of inalienable rights do you?"
    was dead on. I want to let you know you are right, and I am so glad to know I am not alone in the way I think. I am too new here to create shock waves, but I wanted to let you know, That I agreed with you 100%.
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