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Huge gun nut list


Damn... I just scrolled quickly through the list and there's a lot of stuff I'm guilty of. [smile]
A few of the ones I'm guilty of:

You ever had to explain “It’s not the SAME gun, it’s a different VARIANT”.

You go to three different gun shows within a month and you’re excited every single time.

Your guns are cleaner than your home.

Four local gun shops know you by name.

You’re friends with 90%-100% of the employee’s at every one of those shops.

You can wallpaper your house with old issues of Shotgun News, Gun List, Guns & Ammo, etc.

You’d rather have a $10,000 PSG-1 and drive a $600 car rather than drive a $10,000 car and have a $600 gun

You would like to see Bill Clinton or Sarah Brady spend even one hour after midnight at a Washington, DC bus-stop without their bodyguards.

Your pickup is subject to search at any given time because, in your state, empty cartridge cases rolling around the floor are considered probable cause.

If the only magazines in your john are “Shotgun News” and “The Blue Press”.

You have an FFL license and the UPS delivery guy knows you by your first name.

You can spot spent brass at 50 paces.

The smell of 30 year old cosmoline attracts you like perfume.
[laugh2] Its true!

You shout out gun names makes and calibers during every movie you go and see.

You watch old WWII movies and can identify and look at all the rifles and handguns but can’t remember who starred in the movie or what it was about.

You experience the signs of loss and grief whenever you trade a gun away.

You buy a gun because you haven’t bought one in a while.

There are odd rifle parts on your night stand, right next to the alarm clock and lens case.

You buy a gun you know is cheaply made and won’t work well out of the box because all the guns you have work too well and you don’t have anything to play with.

You use a spot on the windshield as a targeting sight on that a**h*** driver in front of you.

You use a spot on the windshield as a targeting sight on that a**h*** driver in front of you.

If friends and family ask what you want for Christmas “Other than gun stuff.”

And you’re definitely a gun nut if you read this all the way to the end.

[smile] And heres my own... when you're bored instead of clicking around on over 100 cable tv channels over and over, you click the NES header over and over to refresh the page and see if there are any new posts to read.
You might be a gun nut if:

You can quote what firearms are still available on the FS used gun page and how much they cost--better yet, you know who is selling them on consignment...

You notice that every time you look at a digital clock it reads 1:17, 2:19, 2:20, 2:22, 2:23, 2:43, 2:57, 3:03, 3:08, 3:57, 4:04, 4:16, 4:44, 4:58, 5:56 or any of about fifty-odd caliber’s you instantly recognize.

Gas prices are also around $2.23 and $2.43 right now[wink]
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