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GI style to Novak sights on 1911

Jun 30, 2006
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While I wait for my permit to come in, I have a firearm on hold. Springfield Commander, parkerized. It's a nice little sidearm that was within my budget.

It features the old GI style front and rear sight, albeit three dot at least. But I strongly prefer novak sights.

Is it feasible, from an economic and/or technical point of view, to have a new slide installed to replace the springfield original so that the compact can be fitted with Novaks? If so, roughly what should I expect to pay for such a service?
Your best bet would be to call up a gunsmith and ask. I'm sure Gregg Derr or David Santurri could do it for you.
The cost of fitting a new slide would be far more than installing the Novaks. I many of them on SA. They are a great sight. You also have many options on the front sight. Yost/Bonitz,Dawson, HiViz, XS. Greg
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