First IDPA match

Finish the match. Don't get DQed.

Remember load and make ready is OFF the clock and then clearing the pistol and reholster is OFF the clock. Take your time. I have seen so many DQs on these events.

My range does practice every week, so I figured might as well sign up for a real match
I score in the bottom 1/3rd but am just getting into competitive pistol games. I don’t feel bad about it at all. My goal is to get defensive pistol practice. I get hits, even if not all COM. I’m safe and nobody is going to ask me to leave for missing the bullseye.
I compared my introduction class a few years ago at Harvard to a free snort from my local dealer. I was hooked but spit the hook as I was pretty busy at the time.
My new club up here does a lot of steel plate stuff for both fun and competitive shooting.
I’m torn on adding optics to at least one pistol due to the un-natural grip change for me. Not sure I can adjust to it over time a practice.
One older member told me use a single stack 45 and I was sure to be in the middle of a much smaller group of contestants. For now I’m happy getting out weekly and just having fun there. What gets put in the truck depends on my mood. 😂
I remember my first match, nervous as hell, now 13 years into matches its a lot more fun and my scores have improved by leaps and boiunds
When I shot IDPA more often, I saw it as skills practice, not competition.
I was never going to win but I could get better with my gun handling, reloads, movement, sight acquisition, etc.
And watching the other shooters was always a learning experience.
Basically because they were so much better.
Welcome to the club! A great way to get more familiar with your firearm in different scenarios. I have a number of Competition pistols but try to make sure your EDC firearm stays in that mix as well.
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