Fanny pack holster recomendations

Mar 5, 2015
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I don't reallt want one but I will be needing one. I am going to be having shoulder surgery next month and my dominant arm will be in a sling for several months. I will have to wear gym shorts with elastic waist for at least a couple of months, unless someone wants to help me with zipping and buttoning.

I have a S&W Shield that is my daily carry gun. Any recomendations on a fanny pack type holster or suggestions for other holsters that will work with my upcoming situation?
You'll probably be needing a revolver with only one hand doing all the work. Look at SmartCarry holsters to go with your itty bitty shorts.
Dammit, sounds like the only solution possible is to go buy a revolver. Well, nothing left to do now except go buy more guns.

also, remora/pocket carry in gym shorts would work or iwb with those metal clips
Uhm, unzipping a fanny pack and drawing your gun with one hard will take forever. The fanny pack will almost certainly move when pressure is applied.

Just saying.
Fanny pack jokes aside, pocket carrying a revolver (or your shield, reluctantly) appears a better option.
I picked up a 5.11 Select Carry Pistol Pouch and it works great for the SR9C but anything bigger it may not work well.
What kinda surgery you having I was in a brawl 3 days after surgery granted my arm is still messed up but I was g2g in like a week. I then messed it up working but within two months I was shooting hoops.
If your dominant arm will be in a sling, won't you be drawing and shooting with your weak hand? Why not just carry on your weak side in a belly band type holster?
Any recomendations on a fanny pack type holster or suggestions for other holsters that will work with my upcoming situation?

"Nut Ruck" is a more masculine term for "fanny pack".

Just saying...

Also - best wishes for a speedy recovery.
I tore a ligament away from the bone in my shoulder while at work. It is in the upper part of the shoulder. The arm still works as long as I don't try to lift anything over eye level. Following the surgery, the doctor said I will be in a sling day and night for at least 4 months before it is healed enough to start PT. With the arm mostly out of comission getting dressed will be a one handed venture, hence the shorts with elastic waist. So a regular holster on the weak side is out until I am in clothing that can support the holster.

I will still have use of my dominant hand to do a modified failure drill (I have been practicing) and am a fair shot with my weak hand.

No, the gun won't fit in the sling.

I have looked into security details but they refuse to hold hands and skip with me, so that is out.

robjax, that would clash with my zebra striped shorts but thanks for the suggestion.

I appreciate everyones input. There are a couple of options that I hadn't considdered.
I was looking at the 5.11 on-line. Are you able to open the pouch and draw single handed?

Honestly never tried that.

With that 5.11, I will say that "flap"' for lack of the real term does open pouch very quickly and easily, leaving ample room to retrieve your pistol. I think you will know what piece I am talking about. It can either go out of the top right or left corner. Just grab it and pull down and it opens the proper zippers.
I know the part you are talking about. I think that one would be able to pull that open then draw the pistol reasonably quickly one handed.
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