Former FedEx Driver Sentenced for Selling Firearms He Stole From Packages on His Truck

This is why I ship UPS. No delivery driver in their right mind is going to piss on their 100k/yr+ job. My buddy in NH who drives for UPS in Maine made almost 40k in the last 10 weeks of the year.

But yeah, 6 days is ridiculous.
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What really grinds my gears about all this… there is so much pants shitting on this forum, trying to comply with the law. It turns out you can just steal guns and sell illegally and possess them illegally and do whatever the f*** you want and six days in jail God forbid one of us tried to pull one like this.
Complete bullsh*t when that F--kin c u next tuesday is cramming more laws down legal firearm owners throats. If that's all a criminal is going to get for a punishment,
we might as well buy anything we can get our hands on whether it's legal or not. Glock switches? check. Auto sears? check. Silencers? check. Drum magazines? check. Give the criminals a free ride and screw the law abiding gun owners. Way to go assatwoshits. :mad::mad:

"As a FedEx driver, O’Toole stole three packages between October 2021 and June 2022 containing two rifles and a shotgun which he was responsible for delivering to a Federal Firearms Licensee. He then attempted to sell those firearms to an undercover agent on two separate occasions on August 9 and August 12, 2022."
Not one story on this guy has his picture.
Prosecuted for selling the guns, multiple felonies. But not prosecuted for grand larceny, multiple counts. Who does he know? What dirt has he collected from fedex packages? Did Fedex and property owners get talked into not pressing theft Charges?
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