Canik METE SFT vs CZ P10C/S - which one would you get? Or something else?

This would be for the range, home defense and occasional carry.
1) CZ. The maker has a long history of quality products. Canik does not.
2) PArts availability. So far, Canik parts are not as easy to come by
3) holster support. Yes, Caniks usually come with holsters, but if the holster does not work for you, there are a LOT more vendors with holsters that fit CZ's
If you are a model citizen you can remove the safety from a rostered P365 and it magically becomes a regular fcu. There is probably 72 YouTube videos on that, be sure to like and subscribe.
If you’re an adult (yes in mass) just get a free state version.

I got mine (free state) well before the safety version was announced.
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