Amish WARNING about Growing Food at home

I've said this before and will say it again. Any government officials, cops, national guard, whatever knock on your door, kiss your wife goodbye and take as many of those f##kers out as you can. Only way this stops.
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OTOH, at least one person died after consuming Miller's raw milk in 2016, after which Miller signed an agreement under which Miller was to follow federal food safety rules.

Then in the latest incident, kids were hospitalized "The Agriculture Department’s statement said it was notified by public health officials in New York and Michigan about illnesses reported in underage individuals who consumed raw eggnog and other raw dairy products from Miller Organic Farm. Both states said tests were positive for Shiga toxin producing E.Coli."

If you truly support and understand that the principle of limited government this means kicking these socialist bureaucrats to the curb and super pronto then get prepared because the other side is working towards a plan and they are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams. Electing Trump cannot solve this problem if even 10% of the federal workforce are avowed socialists/communists dedicated to destroying the country. While conservatives clutch pearls over who gets to have a sex change operation to divert their easily distracted attention spans, the socialists implement more and more rules in the background.
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