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Dehydrated food

Generally speaking those go something like this.
Get some dehydrated foods. Or dehydrate your own.
Find a recipe or make up one yourself.
Put ingredients like veggies, rice, pasta, meat and seasoning in a plastic ziploc, vacuum bag, or mylar.
Store with an oxygen saver if for LTS.
Open bag pour contents into cup, bowl, thermos and wait for however long it takes to rehydrate.
Then enjoy.
These are a staple of the hiking and camping communities.
You can tailor them for people with dietary restrictions. Make them for breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Up the calorie content for strenuous activity.
Very flexible fairly cheap compared to the FD meals and you control what goes in.
My first batch of food prep. That is about 3 pounds of mashed potatos. Maybe weighs 3 ounces.

Assorted veggies are next, then venison hamburger.

Goal is to have packs of various food that can be mixed and matched for meals.

Ya, I'm dragging your guys along on my dehydrating quest. 😁
So far I have successfully dehydrated the following:

Ground venison
Sliced deli ham
Mashed potato

Dehydrating pasta right now, then scrambled eggs.

Then I plan to make the following meals:

Mac and cheese with venison
Scrambled eggs with veggies and ham

If this works the benefits are huge. Super light weight. Each meal would weigh like 2 ounces or so. Minimum calorie per meal around 600. No preservatives, nothing. And added bonus, hopefully tastes great.
Love my dehydrator (Excalibur) - use it mostly for my hiking overnights/multiple days for dinners, usually some sort of chilli with chicken/beef, beans rice and some veggies

Haven't explored it for LTS, but thinking about it for sure
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