6mm, Semi- Automatic Rifle in MA

I thought night coyote hunting is shotgun and .22LR only in Massachusetts.

This seemed like an arbitrary and dumb law so I googled it and it states not larger than 22LR. That leaves you with some very interesting options. 17 HMR, 17 WSM, .218 Bee, 20 Tactical and 204 Ruger just to name a few. I use 204 Ruger and it’s insane. I don’t know the actual bullet dimensions off the top of my head but maybe even 22-250.

Mass Predator Hunters facebook page. guy runs a 6.8spc pistol with a thermal. EPO's have been corrected either administratively or in court or something but they don't enforce the 38 special anymore like they used to. so ANY AR-style fixed mag pistol under 38 caliber is gtg (308 still qualifies). He says he gets visits regularly from gun shots at night, but he certainly hasn't been arrested nor his hunting license suspended.
You're conflating 2 issues.
Yes. The actual assault weapons ban excludes bolt action rifles. It also allows detachable, unfixed, pre-ban magazines on semi automatic rifles.

Then you add a whole new element. The only time fixed magazines come into the conversation is if you're working on the false presumption that Healey's edict is law. Okay, fine. I'll play hypothetical, but it's all or nothing. You either falseley believe it's law - or you realize it isn't.

You're arguing that it's enforceable by saying fixed mags are required, but then you revert back to referencing the actual statute.... which allows detachable pre-ban magazines.

Healey's edict, which is not law, is the only time fixed mags are at issue (except for pistols).

That same edict, specifically gives Healey the right to declare some thing an assault weapon whenever and however she wants and she declares a copy cat weapon to include any of the following.

"The weapon has a receiver that includes or accepts key operating components that are interchangeable with those of a banned weapon. The relevant operating components may include, but are not limited to:

1) the trigger assembly;

2) the bolt carrier or bolt carrier group;

3) the charging handle;

4) the extractor or extractor assembly; or

5) the magazine port."

Would the fact that it's bolt action outweighs the above criteria? Maybe, but the bottom line is it isn't law. Entertaining it as such is just giving her power she doesn't have.

There is only ONE assault weapons ban. Bolt action rifles are excluded. ARs can have detachable pre-ban mags and one evil feature. That's it.

By even joking about "fixed mags" you're giving credence to something that doesn't deserve it.

That was some good information!! Thank you!! So if I have a AR with a pin muzzle-break and a fix stock I can have a detachable magazine?
Anyone still run 6/223 in ARs, or has that wildcat round the way of Zima? And/or perhaps 6mm Creedmore has displaced it?
I’d keep an eye on 6mm ARC in the 6mm AR arena. It seems to have a lot of industry backing.

But if you want to stick with the .223/5.56 45mm brass/bolt size, take a look at 6mm mongoose. Compared to 6/223(6x45), it has a lower neck so you don’t seat past the ogive.

6mm creedmoor would be for large-frame AR-10 type guns.
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