Why buy pre-bans?

I don’t live in a state that has this problem. But my experience is that once you have an idea of what works and what you like, muzzle devices don’t really get changed much. I think I would be under the impression that I’d want to change them all the time or try the cool new one if I lived in a state where I couldn’t.

What actually is really important on an AR-15, to me, is having a collapsing stock of you have an optic that has a fixed range of eye relief. That is because when you are standing vs. prone vs. on a bench, etc., the distance between your eye and optic is different. And it even matters whether you are in a t-shirt in the summer or wearing heavy winter layers. It especially matters whether you are wearing some sort of plate carrier or not.

Your length of pull changes a lot for a number of reasons. That might not matter if your optic has unlimited eye relief like a red dot. But if you have an ACOG or LPVO or any optic with limited eye relief, a collapsible stock is really handy to have.
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