What if you are sold a brand new Glock?

Apr 14, 2006
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I ordered a Glock from a MA dealer and wanted NIB (2nd Gen assumed). I believe he ordered it from a distributor.

My gun arrived and was transferred/sold to me. When I got it home it appeared to be a 3rd gen. I looked up the number on TopGlock and sure enough it was made very,very recently.

Can I legally keep this gun?
It's the gun shop that sold you the guns problem. My opinion your a fool to give it back. They on the other hand might like to know about this and possibly would request that you bring it back. But it's your gun now and your name will forever be on it as long as its got the same serial number as your FA10.

The dealer may well have screwed up, but that is HIS problem, NOT YOURS!

The law prohibits DEALERS from selling post 9/21/98 Glocks. It does NOT prohibit possession or private transfers, and all penalties fall on the DEALER, not the buyer.

Enjoy your new acquisition and don't mention it to the dealer (who then will likely pressure you to return it . . . you have no obligation to do so).
Pre-ban high caps are readily available. You have to have a LTC-A.

I know there have been posts on how to tell old v. new mags on this forum.

Anyone think a dealer might just be willing to switch the new for old as an even trade, or is that just asking for trouble?
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