Spreading the 2A Goodness


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Aug 15, 2011
Western MASS
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Went to a buddies parents house this weekend, He has a number of acres out in the woods, private property. He told me to "bring the guns"
First thing I did was ask about hunters and check the sides of the dirt road for random parked pickup trucks, we were all clear on that.
Re-upped the knowledge on my 15 year old, she's a pretty good shot.
*After many years of just airsoft and BB's, also got my 13 year old handling a pistol.
*My buddies wife's friend and daughter, they are bow hunters but never handled pistols.
*And another friend says now he really wants to get his permit, and his wife who was not there wants to learn as well.
*Finally my buddy and his wife who already have their permits, and their 15 year old was loving shooting the pistols.
It's always fun spreading the goodness, getting people interested, and seeing the smiles on their faces.
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