Smokeless vs. Black Powder

Jun 7, 2005
The Land of Confusion and Pissed off!
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I'm thinking about getting into Cowboy Action.

I've seen some people shoot smokeless and some shoot black power cartridges. I was wondering if I were to like black powder better, how many of you have reloaded with black powder?

Are there concerns? Do you need special equipment? Can I use my standard press and dies? Anything else that I would need to know?
I'm not sure about the load you would use, however, hubby and I reenact the "wah of nawthurn aggresshion" (guess which side I"m on? :D ) and we shoot black powder out of our muskets. They need to be clean right away after you're done shooting. We give them a quick field cleaning after the first battle and then tear them down and completely clean them when we get home. I also know a couple folks who do the CA shooting and they used smokeless.
SPG Reloading Primer

Pick up SPG Lubricant's "Black Powder Reloading Primer" Most shooting supply companies have a listing for it.
Though not really listing much in the way of CAS cartridges, it does really give a nice overall view of BP cartidge prep and loading.
While I don't do that much of it myself, I'd assume that when most people say "Black Powder" they're actually referring to something a BP substitute like Pyrodex, Triple Seven, Black Mag3 or Goex Clear Shot. Of course with Pyrodex, far and away the most common sub, you've still got the potassium salts and sulfer with the resulting corrosion problems.

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