ruger question, i thought we had a repair/gunsmith section, no?


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Jul 2, 2011
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but anyway, i have a perplexing problem with 2 of my redhawk revolvers. the cylinders on the .357 mag and 45 colt/.45 acp are not spinning free. they are tight a hell actually. whereas the .44 spins wildly, which is what i'd expect it to do. i put a drop or two of breakfree on them thinking that might help. nope. these are not abused guns, cleaned and stored in the factory plastic boxes and put away in a safe. they were spinning free last time they were out and about and then put away, i'd remember if they weren't. the rods they ride on are not bent. no reason why they should, the revolvers are never abused. i've never taken these apart and honestly, trying to avoid that. mechanical i'm not and while quite easy, i'd f*** 'em up. also trying to avoid a trip back home to the factory. any ideas on this? it stymies me how this can be. my first instinct crud gut in there. i dunno, asking you guys might be an easy way out. and p.s., i can't get on the ruger forum until i revivify my account and to revivify the account i need to change my email addy to the current one which puts me in a classic catch-22 situation. so...until they respond, tag, you're it.
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