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Robber dies after accidentally shooting himself

Feb 7, 2006
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10/30/06 22:02:19 A suspected robber died after accidentally shooting himself in the leg while he and another man held up a Pinole liquor store, authorities said.
Police found the body of Sharffeequa Williams, 24, on a West Oakland street a few minutes after the holdup Saturday morning.
Security cameras recorded footage of Williams shooting himself at the liquor store counter while returning a gun to his waistband, according to Oakland police.
Williams and the other suspect then fled in a dark-colored American vehicle similar to a Ford Crown Victoria, Pinole police said.
Officers found a trail of blood and recovered a handgun dropped at the scene. Authorities believe Williams bled to death after shooting himself in a major artery.
Police were still looking for the accomplice.
I came upon this gem while trying to find the movie of the officer who shot himself while telling the audience "I'm the only person qualified to handle a gun in this room" "Bang".

Then this story popped up and I had to post it. You can just visualize the bonehead stuffing his pistol into his baggy gang banger pants and then blowing his John Thomas to Kingdom Come!
Another triumph for natural selection.

And try "Rasta DEA Agent" or a similar search term for that particular cretin.
I thoroughly appreciate the savings to the taxpayers by Sharffeequa[smile] [smile] . Darwinism in progress.........it should happen more often.
I guess the lessons here are buy a proper holster, keep you finger off the trigger, and running only makes you bleed out faster.

They used to have a term for this, "Death by misadventure".

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