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Jan 14, 2006
South Eastern, MA
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I thought about posting this in the gallery section but it belongs here since the only clue I can give is that it is a milsurp rifle. I can't give away too much such as country since it'd be easy to guess but I will say this... its hard finding one now with a sharp crown like this sucker has.
Now... what rifle is this?


Winner gets a range trip with me for a day of dead on accuracy blasting with this beauty. [smile]
this is a toughy...im thinkin about linin up milsurps to try and see if i have a similar one...the front sight is whats givin me trouble identifying it...i see the bayo lug and sling swivel...im gonna say a 1903...although i was originally leaning toward a geweher 88...but i think a 1903 with that blade front sight
Milsurps 4 Me said:
That it is, 1903A3 but with standard front blade site.
Germany eh? Well if you ever get to Mass i'll keep my word and take ya shooting. [smile]
I'll take you by your words then [banana]
Ive been over in MA a dozen times and have shot there before.
That was at Medfield Sportsmen a few years ago, sighting in my M686-3
after it had a factory tune-up.
Too bad, my employer doesn't let me travel over the pond any longer[frown]
I'd love to go and shoot milsurps, as I own some, too.
A 1903A3 is still missing in the relatively small collection, but good things come to those who wait.......
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Hay mil-4 that was a great thread inavated at that, if i ever get the know-how to put pics on i might try to copy what you just did(is that Plagerizim)?
Good Work S.D.
Maybe a "guess this rifle" thread with diferent close up shots and a hint or two. Next one I do will have a small print paragraph saying if I invite ya shooting, you gotta provide yer own way to the range and meet me there.[laugh]
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