Not a gun but tons of fun

Sorry, I have to change threads. My S4 is getting jealous.

Pretty awesome, nice work!
Hmmmmmm.... that looks like a regal tail light next to you in the rt hand lower corner of the pic... where were you and what is that car....

Good eye, that's an 87 turbo regal, it's got a bunch of stuff done to it, including alcohol injection. Performance auto in Plymouth is a great shop for all kinds of work, not just performance stuff.

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Hmmmm, guess while we are posting our HPnumbers... I can only guesstimate mine..

Can we count dem plug wires.... I always love the looks I get in the pits after I run an *8 second pass at over 160mph.... in the 1\4

love wagons, and when i saw these thought it was the baddest wagon on the block, confirmed seeing your rig!nice ride!
It's an 88 turbo on a whopping 274CI 6 cyl. motor.. ... But I can't drive it like you drive yours.. I'd love to have your car.... wanna trade... [grin]
Guess I need to read better, 88mm turbo. I thought you were saying 1988 turbo regal. I bet you are running huge boost.

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Actually, compared to similarly built GN's... I've only run 32lbs max and run a best of 8.36 @ 168mph, with a not so good 1.35 60ft. Others are running 40lbs plus to get into the 7's with much better 60fts. Just getting my 60fts down to 1.20's would get me close to 8.1's... 5 more lbs of boost should get me easily in the 7's... but I'm a puss, I hurt the motor bad a few years ago due to my trans taking a dump in the middle of a big run.. still haven't got the motor back together... have to stop buying guns and put the money into a good set of rods and I'm on my way back to the track... buy my pre ban Colt and I'lll be able to order my rods...[grin] I only need about $1300... for 6 rods!!! My engine builder is paid up, got everything else machined and ready, oh shoot... forgot, have to order a new cam too..
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