New Aquisitions April 2024!

Uh oh! I did it again. I have a serious problem!

Rare S&W Model 15-2 Nickeled with a 2” barrel. You don’t see these around much at all! Does need some original cokes to make it truly classic but that will be down the road. Range day here I come.

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Swear I’m not falling for your next go fund me!!!
Quality appears top notch. Controls are a bit stiff but the trigger is really crisp. No tool marks to be found. She points beautify, like it was made for my hand.

I'm waiting for slightly warmer weather for a range trip. Will post range report after a box or three of ammo goes through it. From what I've read I'm not expecting any issues. It's a Hi Power afterall. I'll add I believe this surpasses the original Browning version. at least for the extended safety. Much better than the original!
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