A Few Manual Reciprocating Tools

Jan 14, 2024
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Hello Again Nor easterner Folk,

Hers's a crappy picture of iron that many of you guys will be more than familiar with. The pistol calibers rifles also have revolver companions for travel. When accompanied by just my spousal unit, two .357 Rossi 92's, a 4" Astra & 6" Rossi, solo a Henery .41 mag and a 6.5" Blackhawk. With a passle of youngins on a camp trip .22 semis for all. This is something new for the times, this "kids" are grown, the times are dubious. The '52 .308 Savage 99F is the only rifle that I've kilt anything with and is one of my finer shooting field guns đź‘Ť. PAX
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