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Aug 17, 2012
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New to the site and just recently got my class A... Hope to learn alot from the forums!

Any reccomendations for a new guy who just got his class A please post here, thanks!

Hello and welcome to the site. Make sure you get the biggest safe that you can afford first, cause it will fill up really fast!

Lol thanks charles... Any reccomendations on where I can obtain a good safe for a good price?
tractor supply if you have this store around your location and if you can haul safe home yourself.
they have one of the best bang for the buck especially once you go into large category (more than 20 long guns)

my list of purchases that i had put together when i got my LTC below:
1. semi-auo 9mm/ handgun for self defence concealed carry and home (glock/ruger/SW/SA)
2. AR-15
3. AK74/Saiga
4. AK47/Saiga
5. Mosin-Nagant
6. .308 Remington 700 bolty
7. .223 Savage/CZ bolty
8. Shotgun of some sort semi or pump
9. something semi auto in .308 (Cetme/G3 or maybe AR-10 or M1A)

i'm still working on the list, these things take tim and money so i'm going slow [smile]
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Well I purchased mine from this site.

Yes there are other sites to get safes from but I looked into all the options from the big stores to the little ones that sold good quality safes. I chose the one that had the most sleet in it and the longest fire proofing that I could afford, but I didn't get the biggest and now I'm screwed cause it does fill up fast. Plus remember that in this Commie incompetent state, that you also have to have your ammo locked up, so that's what I wouldn't mind using the store cheapo safes for.


Advice for when you go green......Save up your money for when you find the "group buys".
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