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What's wrong with electric cars? They can't beat gas jobs for road trips or towing but I'd love one for toodling around.
Here ya go-


Welcom @rain. Be sure you don't accept any rides from @Agnotology . [laugh]
Hello fellow shooters! I go by the handle "Rain" and I enjoy reloading and shooting. Grow up around guns. Looking forward to learning more. Thanks.
Welcome aboard FNG.
Always good to when a fellow firearms enthusiast finds our little group.

Lots to find here aside from firearms advice. NES is my go to for in depth news, weather, auto, home repair, product reviews, recipes etc, etc.
And lest we forget, fashion, footware and relationship advice.

Consider " Going Green", which is becoming a paid member. It quickly pays for itself the first time you sell something in the classifieds, or take advantage of discounts offered.

But... just so we know where you stand on a few common issues, and what kind of person you are in general, a few questions for you...

AR or AK?
Glock or Sig?
Ford or Chevy?
Crocs or are you straight?

Just bustin balls OP. Welcome to the forum
welcome new blood
We are happy to have you

You know
You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave“
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