Modify G3c Slide or Replacement Slide for HE507k Optics

Jun 2, 2022
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Long story trying to keep as short as possible.
I have Holusun HE507k (small footprint) optic bought for another gun I may sell and considering using it on my G3c.

What are the pros and cons of smithing/machining (not me) my G3c slide vs purchasing the TORO slide and using adapter plates? Cost and other considerations?
I really like the idea of direct mounting of optic to slide without any adapters but not closed minded about it.

Being in MA do I need to go through an FFL since the slide is serialized?
Thanks in advance for your help
The Taurus is a fine performing gun. Eats any ammo even the cheapest available without any issues. Little bit of recoil being a small frame. Performs flawlessly and easy to carry.
Can't say the same for the gun I want to get rid of that cost quite a bit more. I can't but locally any ammo that will will run reliably. Don't want to get into trash talking brands.
Could this be an option?

Rereading the OP’s post. See you thought if it. So looks like best cost option.
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