Listen to the rhythm!


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Feb 26, 2005
South of the Mason-Dixon
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Ah, motivated rhythm!
Listen to the rhy-thm!
Ah, dedicated rhythm!

Listen to the rhythm of the tiny, tiny feet!
Sounds like the Army in a full retreat!

In the Ar-my young and old!
They want to wear the Red and Gold!

Apologies to my sister and brethern of the lesser service. I'm just in an evil mood. [twisted]

Semper Fi and God bless our troops!
Can I join in? [twisted]

Army, Army I'm in doubt,
Why your belly’s sticking out,
Is it whisky or is it wine,
Or is it a lack of PT time.
Here's one I found.....
I don't know, but I've been told
The Marine Corp thinks it's mighty bold
They don't know what the Army can do
We are proud of our history too
Our looks and style may not be smooth
But you oughta see this army move
Look to left and what do you see
A bunch of jarheads just looking at me
Shout it out and sing it loud
I'm a soldier and I'm mighty proud

We also need more ARMY people around here!
TonyD said:
...tick, tick, tick, tick, tick...

(Waiting for Lynne and Weisel's to show up)

And what may I do for you dear heart? You DO realize that I was never in the military, don't you? I just love men in uniform, and I DO happen to know what PT is. [wink] By the way....nice poem, Mrs. W. :D
MrsWildweasel said:
Lynne, I will excuse you for saying it is a poem,since you were never military. It's a cadence to run to our march to. :D

With cadence like that it's no wonder you guys can't stay in step. [wink]

Sorry, Lynne, I thought you had been in.
It's the best I could do for now. You guys have far more about the Army than we do as far as you Jarheads.
The ZOOMIES on the other hand probably couldn't march to save their lives..... ducking now incase we have some zoomies here. :)
Yes that is what we called the Air Force. You know their planes go zoom zoom..... Don't know what you guys call them. Geez Have to explain everything to you MARINES.... [twisted]
The Chair Farce is not even a branch of the military. They are a corporate entity. They all wear suits, base ball hats and call each other by their first names or nick names.
"Hey Bill"
"Hey Joe"
(Conversation between a 3 star and a Airman)

The easiest way to define the differences between the services is to look at how they each "secure a building"

The Navy: They lock the doors and turn out the lights
The Army: They lock the doors, turn out the lights and post a guard
The Marines: We call for CAS and FS and then using Scout Snipers to provide cover, a Recon DAP takes the building down. Then a line company moves in, digs in, sets up supporting fire and readies to repel enemy assault by fire and close combat!

The Air Force: Takes out a 3 year lease with an option to buy.
All this crowing from "Uncle Sam's Misfit Children". My son uses Misguided ILO Misfit. And yes, us REAL Army types know what PT is.



Please. I know I am out numbered here. :) Although when I was in because I was a shift worker I didn't have to do the battalion run ever or the company run either,since it always fell on what was my weekend.
I guess it all depends on what one considers to be PT or "a little run". Back when, we used to start every day with 10 miles just to get the blood flowing. Then we did some PT, grabbed breakfast and started the day's real work. There's absolutely zero chance of that sort of thing today, but I find that as long as I've got a good pair of shoes and some water, I don't think twice about walking 15-20 miles a day. [Hardly anything to crow about, but most guys my age and size consider getting up to look for the remote to be exercise.]

On 26 Dec. '89, three days before graduation from boot, we were all feeling kind of spry. So, after I brought my platoon back from noon chow I wrote...


...on the chalk board. When our Senior hat walked in, well, let's just say I don't recommend doing that to anyone.
TonyD said:
On 26 Dec. '89, three days before graduation from boot, we were all feeling kind of spry. So, after I brought my platoon back from noon chow I wrote...


...on the chalk board. When our Senior hat walked in, well, let's just say I don't recommend doing that to anyone.

Good one! Yeah, that kinda stuff didn't go over well in the Army in my time frame either. Did you know why New Jersey is so FLAT? Army Boot's pushed it down. I did my share.
Another one that went to Dix. Nothing like sand and pine trees. When stationed in Berlin it was up to us individually to do PT. Shift workers,live mission,etc. PT was way low on the totem pole there. Joys of an MI unit.
When I was in RT on PI back in 92 one of my Seniors favorite things to do was to lean out of the hatch and yell...

"Hey you dumb bastards! If you joined the Air Force you'd be graduating today!"

Week later...

"Hey you dumb bastards! If you joined the Navy you'd be graduating today!"

Two weeks later....

"Hey you stupid F'ers! If you'd joined the Army you'd be graduating today!"

Funny guy. :x
That reminds me. We were told if you qualify expert on the rifle range you would be allowed to call home. After everybody shot the course the few guys who shot expert were told to get to the quarter deck. We were told to go to the balcony and make the call.

Me not realizing we were being f***ed with I said “Sir?” His reply “Go ahead HOSKINS! Say ‘HI MOM!’” So we made our calls to home from the balcony of the barracks as loud as we could yell them” Oddly I don’t think my mother ever heard that call. Sound doesn’t quite travel 1500+ miles.
I did get a phone call home. I shot all rounds on the 500yd line through the same spotter disk. 15 minutes.... GO! Now we were on the third deck and they failed to tell me where the phone was located. They gave me a watch and told me I had better be back in the squad bay and past the Senior Huts hatch before my time was up.

Run down 3 decks, across the drill field to the Mess Hall find a phone, collect call.... no one home. Call GF.... she is in Michigan.... call Michigan... say "Hi, Love Ya, shit, got to go" run back and DIVE across the LOD and just make it.
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