List of firearms on Umbrella Policy renewal?

I want a wolf hybrid.
i used to know a guy who had such a siberian husky that was a grandson of interbred wolf mix - they do that in some siberian villages to keep that a special breed for hunting. interbred, then discard first litter after it breeds again. wolf genes are very strong and still show up.

you cannot and do not want that in any area with people. it is a very special animal, it is not nice, it is not a dog, but it is highly effective and it imprints on the owner only.
he would always warn me to walk around it and not to look into her eyes directly and not to provoke it. an animal like that is like a person that needs to be respected, but, it is a very specialized instrument - but it handles extreme cold in taiga very well, and is indispensable for bear hunting and other extremes. not a pet at all.

sadly, the end of that dog was typical - it was shot down at one of the hunts, i did not have details, but most likely an accident, as it did look like a damn wolf pretty much and was a comparable size.
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