Hudson, Harvard or Both??


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Jan 14, 2015
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Hi Everyone,
Moved out metro west area a few years back where I was a member at the Fin Fur and Feather. Now in the general route 2 area inside 495 and looking to join up to a new club. Hudson seems to check a lot of boxes, in particular indoor archery and airsoft for my son to help keep him busy during the winter. Anyone familiar with Hudson know if it has any dedicated metal on the ranges these days or if you can bring your own? I've been a few times as a guest years back and remember it being paper or you could lay clays out.
If I understand correctly it seems that Harvard has some ranges with metal already there along with action pits? So if I want a place where I can plink some metal does it make sense to try and find someone who will sponsor me at Harvard and join up there as well on top of Hudson?

At Harvard there is a rack of plates in one of the pits, there is a couple of small targets at the "back range" and a plate or two at the 100yd. I dont use the larger ranges so can comment on those. Oh there are some plates at one of the machine gun ranges. Most of the action pits are for DIY non steel targets.
Harvard has steel at the 25, 100, 200/300 yd ranges as well as a bunch at close quarters. You can bring your own paper targets for the action pits and ranges. I have seen a few air softers doing the plinking with a sawhorse and solo cups.

HSC keeps a lot of junior programs going, archery, rifle, biathlon and the teams have been even competing at a high level. Junior fishing derby and fun shoot as well as hunting programs are available.
Harvard offers a lot but it's of no benefit if you don't use it. What are you interested in doing and which club is closer?
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