Holy Sissy-pad Sheriff !!! ouCH!

Jan 14, 2006
Bradford Mass
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Last Dec i got a Mosin 91/30! with the Holliday Stuff Etc: i never got to shoot it, i picked up a case of Ammo and split that with a friend, I Figured
i would blast off a bunch till i cast up some Bullets from the new Mold i just got from Midway. Well, HO-HO-HO,i took out that beauty today, after i shot
a match this morning at Woburn Sps. club using my AR-15 gas gun!!
YEA Woooosi Gas gun. Well after the first shot off the bench" OUCH " i had
forgoten about the recoil, WoW, surprise!!! i realy dont like to shoot gun,s
that KILL on both ends. So thank God i have in my shooting bag the HOLY
Sissy-Pad cause the next 39 rounds was a BLESSED Event!!!
and BTW its another Yankee Gun "she,s a Keepa "

Yup the Sheriff said that!!! you becha!
Holy sissy pad

Right on Pilgrim!! but i guese i am one of those hard to learn guys, and i do have a couple of those slip-ons but thay dont do any good in the cabinet.
and thats where thay are!but you know what? im going right down to the basement and put them in with my gear! if i dont (old timers disease) i will
forget them, in fact i had forgoten them till you just mentioned them!!
Thanks for the input! it worked!!

Take Care S/D
I'm 35 and am pretty fit but a t-shirt day with the Yugo M48, or M95 Steyr will hurt me. A gel pad from Cabelas goes with me now for every range trip. Those steel butt plates were meant for adrenaline charged soldiers with heavy gear on, not too mention cracking the enemies skull. They're not kind on a casual shooter's shoulder.[wink]
Hopefully this link will work, it is a search for "recoil shields".


I bought and used the PAST recoil shield that just throws over your shoulder and it worked great for me. One of the Sheriffs Deputies running the range (W. Palm Beach Sheriffs Range) asked me about it too. I tore my right rotator cuff and abusing the shoulder isn't a smart thing for me to do, especially when I was on vacation.
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