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Gov. Deval

WRKO newsgal just barfed up a bunch of MA election results without mentioning the AG's office.

Let me delude myself for a moment by pretending that they're still counting!
Breaking News!

"Based upon exit polls Duval Patrick has been elected as the Governor of Massachusetts and all ballots have been discarded as being unnecessary. Citizens are urged to remain in their houses, stay calm, and those still with jobs begin writing checks to the Massachusetts DOR to pay your soon-to-be-raised taxes."
I swear, if there were no other alternatives other than Healy or Mihos, I would have wrote in Joseph Stalin as governor.
I think the Dems are going for a clean sweep. Only in Massachusetts would we have a Governer that helps criminals be the best they can be - and make damn sure they have a properly inflated basketball.

Patrick has won, no to question 1 won... Did Coakley win too? I have property in Vermont-should move there upon retirement. But the job is in Ma**h***... What did we do to deserve this?
We are all screwed. This state is expensive enough and now with this ass as gov. we are totally screwed. What are we not going to be allowed to own next? Maybe we'll get luck and be even more like California and not be able to own semi automatic rifles. Then they are saying Coakley the donkey will be the winner as well. I think it may be time to find a new sport...

It's a sad sad day for all of us!!!

What pisses me off even more is seeing the retards on TV jumping up and down that Patrick will be the winnner. I can only imagine what they are excited about. Yeehaa HIGHER TAXES!!!! YEEHAA MORE ILLEGAL IMIGRANTS!!!! YEEHAA MORE CRIME!!!!! YEEHAA LESS MONEY IN OUR POCKETS!!!!

I wanna frigen cry!!! God, I hate the F"ing state!!!

Yeah, I saw coakley on TV and switched it off promptly. OK, I feel screwed. Go to bed.
The damage has been done, it seems.
Now comes the task of riding the Guv's butt like a sh*tty diaper everytime he does something totally friggin' stupid.
If this isn't a wake-up call for us, I don't know what is.
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