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Dec 18, 2005
Brockton, ma
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sry, not really sure where to post this, but
I have a feather at9, old rifle, got it used.
I need to polish, buff, or whatever the feed ramp, but i'm not sure
what to use, or how to do it. you can see some ruts in the cast,
which I think is causing ftf really depressing, I can't get more than 4 rds w/o a ftf

also, I need to locate mag rebuild kits for this, the mags are 25rd
uzi mags, looking for new springs and followers, if any one knows where I can order these, I'd appreciate the info

Springs and rebuild kits typically are available from Midway and Brownells. Wolff springs are claimed by many to be the best on the market.
On the fed ramp try a dremel with Cratex type wheel. I use the one shaped like a bullet. It is a bit harder than an eraser but work the same way. Polish till smooth. Greg

thx for the info on the polishing greg

Len, what would I search brownels under, I tried searching before for magazine rebuild, but could not find anything,

M1911 said:
Personally, I use my finger, some 600 grit sandpaper from Home Depot, and some oil. Take it slow and easy.
+1 Not apt to take away too much material, easier to control the polishing.
Not apt to take away too much material, easier to control the polishing.
Yup, that's exactly why I do it that way. I figure it's a lot harder to goonsmith a feedramp to death with my finger than with a Dremel.

I had never heard of the Feather AT9 before. Now that I did a Google and saw a picture, I'm not sure if Wolff makes springs for their mags . . . not shown on Wolff's website. Go to www.wolff.com and contact them, ask about the springs for those mags. If they make them, you can order direct or via Brownells/Midway as a special order and get the C&R FFL or LE discount if applicable for you. I have had a special order BladeTech holster and mag pouches before via Brownells . . . got them for the same price as their stock Glock goods (with C&R FFL discount) and in 1/2 the time it would have taken via BladeTech directly.
I have had good luck polishing feed ramps with a wooden dowel the same size as the ramp, wrapped with 600 grit paper.


contaced wolff, they make the spring for a 32rd uzi but not the 25
so I will keep looking.
i will try the 600 grit paper this week, hopefully that will fix part of my problems

thx for all the info

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