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Docter Optic site Mount for 1911 rear dovetail

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Feb 5, 2008
Shelton, CT
Thank you for your help. I would love to hear the pro and cons of the Docter Optic site. I am in the middle of Purchasing a Pardini SP. But since my funds are low I have it on sort of a lay away plan. If I keep paying for it sooner or later it will be mine. With that said I will give my reasons for wanting to use the Docter. I have one mounted on an ACOG on my FN FS2000 which I have never used, the ACOG is much better. I have a 22 cal kit for the Kimber that I have not used yet, but really want to try because of the add trigger time on the 1911. The more I do the better I will get. So please feel free to give me as much information you have, I am new to bulls-eye and want to do well. I hope this was not to wordy, I have a tendency to ramble; my wife says I leave the longest phone messages she has ever heard. Please pm me if you have a minute
Mark K. Bookbinder
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