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Can someone help me with this?

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Sep 17, 2006
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I'm sure this has certainly been covered but....Can unapproved handguns be transferred/sold privately from one person to another private owner ? From what I am reading on GOAL, private sales of firearms are NOT subject to the AG's current 'rules'. So I can buy a gun that is not on the approved list as long as it is a transfer from a licensed citizen to a licensed citizen and all the right FA10 forms are filled out? This wouldn't include transfers across state lines would it?

Say I want the new P226 Elite, which is not on the "roster". Can I get it from someone who owns one taking into account that this gun was legally acquired in the first place.


Do These Standards Apply to Private Sales?

No, the standards of the law and of the Attorney General, apply only to retail sales by dealers, not to private sales between individuals.

Are Private Citizens Forbidden to Own Guns if They are NOT on the Approved Weapons Roster?

No, the list is a list of firearms that can be sold at retail by licensed dealers. Neither standard – the law or the Attorney General – limits directly the type of guns a citizen may own.
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Please set your User CP to show ALL THREADS and then use Advanced Search on this forum. It's been answered dozens of times. Just like GOAL stated . . . private transfer by two MA Residents with LTCs is legal.

Lots more good info can be found here in Stickies and with Advanced Search.

I'm locking this thread as a Dupe.
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