Berretta cx4 storm 9mm carbine

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Jun 18, 2012
I figured I would just let my fellow brothers at nes know that 4 season just posted yesterday that they got 30 of these in stock. Better grab before they gone. I on the other hand have a cx4 storm, that I bought a year ago and still have not got to shoot it yet. My gun club is only handguns. I was going to trade it for a governor. But I just decided and got a governor last week on implus. which I love btw. Hope this helps people looking for these. Good luck shopping!
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Feb 19, 2013
What does Carl have them listed for?

Designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, the new CX4 Storm is also excellent for sport and home defense. The fixed barrel design and long sight radius (12.9") make this gun inherently accurate. The cold hammer forged 16.6" barrel is chrome lined for maximum corrosion resistance and increased barrel life. The 5¾ 1b. weight and overall length of 29.7" make this Carbine light and compact. semi-automatic blowback design is simple, rugged and reliable. Field stripping can be done simply and quickly without any tools. High strength techno polymers were used to reduce the weight, increase corrosion resistance, eliminate problems associated with metal finish wear, and achieve an affordable price. Cross-bolt safety, magazine button and bolt-handle are easily reversible for right or left-hand use. Even the ejection can be switched from right to left and back without the need of tools or additional components. Firing pin and hammer block prevents movement of these critical components until the trigger is pulled, and a bolt safety will not allow the bolt to cycle should the carbine be dropped or struck against an object.

In stock as of 6/17/2013. Call and reserve one before they are all sold. $819.85 credit / $799.95 cash or personal check. Only 30 in stock.
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Jan 4, 2009
I think the cx4 storm is quite possibly the ugliest firearm I have ever seen.... That being said I put one n deposit at my local shop as it just seemed like the easiest way to get a short pistol carbine that works well and has pre ban hi caps available.... Preban s are cheap, as I have found around $22-25 a piece.

After seeing the NFA Trust thread, mine may become a SBR someday as well

$799 is a pretty good price
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