Battle of The Bulge Commemorative Match Scarborough,ME 12/17

Mar 21, 2005
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The Battle of The Bulge Commemorative Match

December 17th, 2005 - 8:00 AM
BOTB Match – 75 Rounds / winter survival at Bastogne

Any rifle correct for the battle. M1 Garand, 1903 Springfield, Mausers, BAR(Semi only :) ), etc.....

All rapid fire.
25 rounds from 300 yards in 5 minutes
25 rounds from 200 yards in 4 minutes
25 rounds from 100 yards in 3 minutes

Any position. No spotting scopes, shooting gloves, shooting jackets. Only ground cover allowed are shelter halves(we have these) or ponchos.

Period dress is encouraged but not required.
These matches are lots of fun. We usually get a pretty good turnout and at the last few there's been a WWII re-enactment group that's participated.
KMaurer said:
I was unaware that they used semi-auto BARs at the Battle of the Bulge. [wink]


We felt that was a prudent change in order to keep the rounds on the range. :D
Nickle said:
KMaurer said:
I was unaware that they used semi-auto BARs at the Battle of the Bulge. [wink]


M1918's had a selector switch. M1918A2's had no selector switch, but did allow 2 different rates of fire.

I believe it was the advent of the Garand when they decided the BAR need not be select fire.
Battle of the Bulge

I had a great time last year and I'm looking forward to this year...And hoping for decent weather..... :D
We had a good turnout and good weather. 30 shooters. As usual, since I don't get my Garand out enough, I used the 25 shot group at 300 yards as sighters to figure out where the sights should be for the 200 & 100. :)

We also had a shooter participate who fought in the actual Battle of the Bulge. He used a BAR in the battle and had the chance to shoot the match with one last year. Unfortunately no one had a BAR at this year's match :( so he was shooting a Garand.


rscalzo, it was good to meet you.
Battle of the bulge

It did turn out to be a great day. It also was the first match I've attended that had a water hazard. The club should leave it in place for their D-Day match. It did resemble Normandy Beach somewhat.

It really was a surprise to have a another participant who was smart enough to escape NJ while he could!!! [shock]
Sounds like a great time.
I have a friend who's dad used a BAR in the Battle of Anzio. Got himself a PH.
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