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Bad Teacher

In the Foxnews.Com version of this same story the teacher says:

But he said he would change his teaching methods if some are concerned. "I'll put in both sides," he said. "Especially if it's going to cause a lot of grief."

If this were my school district, I'd blow a gasket. I went to school to be a teacher, but the program was so liberal, I couldn't take it. They were showing video's of this young governer from Arkansas and all of his wonderful education reforms... I switched majors.

A few months later that governer officially announced he was running for president... a while later he signed the Assault Weapons ban...
This is the lie that REALLY got me!

"He said he isn't shy about sharing his liberal views with students, but invites vigorous debate in the classroom."

#1: is it really worth tax dollars having a heated debate in an ENGLISH class?? (Maybe Social Studies and the ilk)

#2: Does this teacher REALLY think objective arguments will come out in the class? Chances are it'll just push the conservative students into the underbrush. I mean I MIGHT be able to see this in a College class (Though frankly I often felt intimidated challenging my Professors when I KNEW they were wrong....and I'm far from shy, and we're talking Right/Wrong statements, not subjective Political ones). I only see it alienating the HS students, or worse yet CONVERTING them.

And isn't that the bottom line? To rid the world of us un-washed Conservative Neanderthalls by choking our "Backwards" veiws as early as possibe?

Yeah SR, my blood just hit 100 C! [evil]


-Weer'd Beard
Thankfully at this point we have Alan raised,but with that being said,we have had to raise some issues when he was in school. He had a teacher that was communist,and would try to get the kids to see how great communism was. [evil] I am not joking on this. We had issueswith various teaches,and as I told Glenn if I had another kid to put through the public school system I WOULDN'T !
Fire the bastard. If he was a right leaning teacher, the libs would be yelling to get rid of him, so fair play - fire his ass. Teachers should TEACH and leave their politics OUT of the classroom. [twisted]
This teacher should be fired. The idea that discussion makes it OK is way off base. Any adult teacher ought to realize that he/she will imtimidate some of the class and that makes it wrong. If just one kid cannot express his/her opinion because of the intimidation factor that teacher should be fired.

This is just what the Russian dictator meant when he said we would be defeated from within. Its happening and the NEA is at fault.
I read the thread, before checking out the link. I wasn't surprised as to WHERE this happened when I saw it, either. A fair amount of teachers in this state have very radical (read as socialist) views. When they get exposed, they just move on to the next school district. We desperatly need a state wide teacher contract, so the trash either moves out of state or quits teaching.

I could understand a political discussion, IF the teacher stays neutral, and the objective is to get the students thinking/discussing. This situation is neither a discussion nor neutral. It's Communistic Group-Think.
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