** AVOID Optics Planet **

Boughnt from them multiple times myself and never had an issue.
...feels like the OP needs to fill up a hurt feelings report :)
I haven’t ordered from these clowns for years because of their history of false advertising and bait and switch tactics but it has been a spell so I figured that I’d give them another shot.

I searched for a rifle sight on Friday and found one I liked. On that page they advertised/highlighted a different model. I did some research and decided to go with their suggestion. Fast forward to 1700 today and I get the email….

The item you ordered isn’t available, if you want this (totally different) model let us know and you can swap items, this order is valid for seven days. Otherwise, your item isn’t in stock and won’t ship for 15-28 days.

The best part is the alternative they suggest is in stock right now “but may not be in stock depending on when I place the order.”

That place is a total scam and should be avoided at all costs. Please tell everyone you know about how this company does business. I will also be contacting the state office of consumer affairs later this week to file a complaint against them.

Yes, they suck. I stopped dealing with them two years ago. Drop shippers suck in general, and they‘re notorious for advertising Low in stock prices on items that are definitely not in stock.
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i've heard optics planet was hit or miss for years. a scam? no. i've used them a few times and not had an issue but a couple of friends have had mixed results. i've noticed on occasion, their communication skills suck. they are out of stock on an item and rather tell the customer what their plan is or asks what the customer wants to do, they leave the customer in the dark, optics planet restocks, which could take up to weeks on end, and their customer is left hanging with no answers to sent emails. this has been going on for years. if fact it's how i first found out about them, through customer complaints.
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