Robotic police dog shot multiple times, credited with avoiding potential bloodshed

Why do they care. Last time they sent a robot in to say hello didnt it deliver a bomb to some retard in a parking garage? Are people going to get charged now for injuring a bender unit with four legs?
And he's probably going to get charged with Assaulting an Officer for shooting the robotic dog.
Even that a**h*** that shot and killed the yarmouth officer and shot the dog didn't get attempted murder on an officer (the dog) . Even though he should have.

I feel like if you're absolutely insane and have a gun and you are going down anyway. What's the harm in a little robot target practice?
I've been trying to find out what caliber/type rounds were fired at the robot and if it was incapacitated in any way. Haven't seen anything yet though.... Supposedly Boston Robotics is going to replace it for MSP so they can do testing on it.
Guy should be locked up forever in a mental hospital/prison. He was allready in trouble for threatening to shoot up our highschool and felon in possession of a firearm. He lives pretty close to several schools in town. I believe he shot at and hit a police vehicle first.
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