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Any U.S. made polymer handguns?


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Feb 5, 2006
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I was under the impression the the Springfield Armory XD series was U.S. made, but I discovered that's not true. So are there any? The other polymer guns I know of are Glock, Sig, S&W (Walther). How come no U.S. company makes their own? Am I missing one?
Smith Sigma. The one Colt came out with awhile back that was a flop, I think it was the Colt 2000 or something. The Smith SW990. I know Sig makes standard steel frames here in NH, not sure about the Tupperware frames. KelTec SU16 ain't the only KT product with a polymer fram, the P3AT, P32, P11, etc.

I'll research this farther and get back to ya on it.
Adam_MA said:
S&W's new M&P
Yup, great gun too. My first gun was a Glock, and as much as I love over guns I still love that polymer I was pretty pumped for the M&P. I hit the S&W range twice this week to shoot the M&P and then about 15 minutes ago I reserved on now that they are on the roster. It is a fullsize, but its not much larger than my G19.
patio said:
...shoot the M&P and then about 15 minutes ago I reserved on now that they are on the roster...
WHOOPS! Yeah so AG Guns took back there "we have them in" statement from this morning... back to waiting it is. [thinking]
The Sig-Pro is partially made here.
The frame is made in Germany. The slide is made here in Exeter an fully assembled here.
After shooting about a thousand of them by now I can tell you that they are an extremely reliable accurate pistol.
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