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Jan 14, 2006
South Eastern, MA
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Anyone have a good link to mail order ammo cans for storage? This is the one item that I always space out getting at gun shows because they're so bulky and getting them on the way out doesn't work because I always forget. Theres gotta be a distributor out there with a 3fer or 5fer deal that won't kill ya on shipping fees.
Yup, but they WILL kill you on shipping. CDT once charged me an ADDITIONAL $40 S/H just because I had added some quantity of 50-cal ammo cans to the order!

MUCH cheaper to get them at the gun shows as 3-fer or 5-fer. The bulkiness hauling them out is less hassle than doubling the cost due to postage!
Try military surplus stores. The one in Attleboro, Ma has them, I am not sure on the prices though.
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Surplus stores also... they cost way too much over the net I had reviewed prices for weeks before a friend of mine just gave me a few.
G.I. Joes in North Attleboro on RT 1 has them. Hell, they have ammo cans, RPG cans, and several others. It's pretty cool. They are in the back with all the clothes. At least that's where they were the last time I was in there.

I need to go back some time and see what they have going on. I do remember seeing AR mags in there...but I don't know if they were functional.
Marlboro gun show should have ammo cans. Typically if you buy 4 or 5 .50 cal cans they will cost you ~$5 each at the show. You won't do better after shipping anywhere else other than gun shows.

I've seen outrageous prices at the few Army/Navy stores that I've gone into over the years.
If I remember correctly, I think you said once you were from New Bedford. If so, try Berks Militaria on Union St. That is where I get most of my ammo cans from. He has good prices and it sure beats having to pay for shipping. Also, as mentioned above, flea markets are another great source for ammo cans.
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