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May 24, 2005
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Finished up my COFs for Saturday's match. I like to give mine interesting Titles. But that's all I'm going to announce...

COF 1 - Run Luke Run
COF 2 - Snipe Hunt (yes, an oldie, but goodie)
COF 3 - Porta-Potty Problem
COF 4 - Cover is Blown
COF 5 - Lanes
COF 6 - Do I Even Draw?

There it is Ladies and Gents. If you want more, come to Riverside on Saturday or wait for the post-shoot reports. (^_^) (I'm actually looking forward to the post-match comments - this should be a great forum to get feedback)

Also, Saturday will be a chance to sign up for Joe Picariello's Low Light practice nights on Aug 25th and Sept 8th.

For match details, costs, times, locations, etc, visit the Club's web page at: http://www.riversidegc.org/IDPA/IDPA2005Schedule.htm
Chris, Darius, Ross, if my mother wasnt here this weekend I would be there. We should meet up for beers though after work one night. [wink]
Chris, Darius - sorry I didn't make it. I have my niece and nephew up, and when my nephew rolled into town last night, he was wincing every time someone cracked a joke.

Took him to the ER this morning and discovered he had a torn muscle in his rib cage. We'll see if he can manage more than the .22 tomorrow at the range.

Wish we could have made it, but health problems have to come first. :( But we'll be at Riverside late tomorrow AM if anyone else is interested.

It was a fun match. Thanks Chris for the design and thanks to the SOs for running things. My thoughts on the courses of fire:

COF 1 - Run Luke Run
Three targets arranged in a triangle, point towards the shooter. Start position is within arms reach of the closest target. The first string is two shots to each while retreating, must cover 25 feet before firing last shot.
This was by far my worst string. I moved too fast and didn't pick up the sights well enough on the two far targets (I was still thinking of them as 15 foot shots when I'd covered an additional 15-20 feet). Watching others shoot afterwards I saw that the fastest, if gamer, way to shoot was to fire six shots while sauntering backwards then race to the 25 foot line and throw off a seventh shot. Second string was start facing up range, turn and engage, no movement. Pretty straightforward.

COF 2 - Snipe Hunt (yes, an oldie, but goodie)
Drop bag and hammer and engage six targets with two shots each. One target has simulated (painted) hard cover and two have real hard cover (logs).
Almost no one hit the simulated hard cover but several hit the logs. I think this was because the logs weren't so visually apparent, both by being close the targets in color and by not covering so much of the targets. On the plus side, those folks hitting the logs usually noticed and made a make up shot.

COF 3 - Porta-Potty Problem
Start position is seated behind a door, firearm on shelf. First string has the shooter's legs loosely tied. On the first string, open the door and engage three targets with two shots each. On the second string, two of the targets are non-threats. Which targets are non-threats is unknown to the shooter beforehand.
I liked this stage: real world starting positions, using two hands without covering yourself, and on-the-fly targeting decisions.

COF 4 - Cover is Blown
Move from one cover to another, engaging three targets with two shots each on the way. Two non-threats cover the targets from certain angles.
The one surprising thing I saw: a couple of people shot one-handed when moving with the targets on their shooting hand side. I'll have to try that to see if it works better for me than just twisting my torso.

COF 5 - Lanes
Three low targets with logs parallel to the direction of fire making three shooting lanes. Start prone, engage first target, half-roll to the second target, engage, half-roll to third, engage.
We had done something similar in a practice, a continuous slow roll while engaging four poppers. This looked easier since it didn't need to be a continuous roll, just get to the next target, pause, and engage. From the popper exercise I knew how important it was to keep an eye on the target while rolling to avoid losing track of it. So I engaged the first target, looked to the second and started my roll. I forgot that there was a log in the way! So it became shoot, roll, re-acquire, shoot.

COF 6 - Do I Even Draw?
Start seated behind door. Three targets, threat and non-threat, are behind the door. Open door and engage threat targets, if there are any. Sweeping back cover garment on a non-threat is a procedural.
This was my favorite of the six. In a shooting game it's tough to work in not shooting in a useful way. This worked.

In hindsight I would have changed two things:
In COF1 either do limited Vickers scoring or start with six rounds. This would make the gamer solution less attractive.

In COF6, once the shooter saw three non-threat targets they know that all later strings would be have a threat target. A possible, if non-IDPA approved, solution would be to score the all non-threat strings as the average of the shooter's threat string scores plus procedural and non-threat hit penalties, if any. That way the SO could give the shooter no, one, or two non-threat strings, keeping the shooter guessing.

All in all it was a fun match. Well worth the $15.

Dave, thanks for the idea.

Good thing I wasn't SOing that first stage. That kind of gaming would have drawn a FTDR instantly. Perhaps if the targets were shooting back I could get people to retreat properly. I haddn't even given any thought to the idea of shooting the 'real' shots up close and then game the foul line. Goes to show that there is always someone out there that will find the 'holes' in your plan.

How do you make people retreat like they are getting shot at? Still searching for a way. In real life, distance is your friend.

As for the last stage, I think you were in the first group. Frankly, I said too much to that group. To be 'Valid' I had to be sure that the potential score of each shooter would be equal. Thus, I could not randomly have more than one no-shoot solution. However, in the long pause between the first group and the rest of the shooters, I altered the 'talk' to not suggest that. I don't think that anyone who shot it thought about it enough to realize that I would have to do that. Also, I realized that it wasn't any real issue to use the same shoot target twice instead of every possible combo as it was still the same shot/time potential.

However, I did run two shooters with two no-shoots when they pulled a procedural on their first no-shoot. My thinking is that the penalty was more than most people shot, so it would give them a second chance. One shooter did well with the second chance. The other... Well, lets just say it's probably not a great idea to threaten this person when he's sitting behind a door. (^_^)
Hey, I'll admit it. I was the second shooter that Chris refers to.

I guess I could say I wanted to see what it feels like to get two procedurals in just one stage.

So how does it feel? It feels really dumb!
That match was a good time and the stages were unusual & made you think. I had alot of fun. I can't wait for the low light session, I can use some help on that.
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