What does your MKII like for ammo?

Oct 31, 2005
Spooner Street
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I have a new Ruger MKIII. I get conistent failures to eject with the large bulk packs I've tried so far. I haven't tried CCI MiniMag or Standard Velocity yet.

Has anyone had similar problems?
My Mark II and the Mark III that I have shot, will eat just about anything, except Wolf Match ammo.

How many round do you have through it? Sometimes the need a few hundred rounds to break in
My Mark 1 likes Federals and barfs on the new design for the Remington High Velocity bulk pack. and it LOVES CCI Stingers. (My wallet, however, does not...)
My Mark III loves Federal bulk from Wal-Mart, can't digest the Winchester bulk stuff at all, 20% duds. I also use the higher end Federal, such as Champion. It even works well on the Remington subsonic .
Thanks for the input,

I'm going on about a brick, it has been assorted brands trying to see what works. I have a hard time having any sort of extended range session with jams. I get frustrated and put it away.
MK II with Bull barrel

MK II with Bull barrel. Same as Navy issue.

Favorite food is Winchester 22 Long Rifle
40 gr. Super-X® Power Point® - Lead Hollow Point

Winchester 22 Short gr. Super-X® Blank for retreiver dog training

also CCI Stingers & Silhouette, 22 LR

Sillier & Bellot High Velocity Solid, 22 LR,36 gr

It jams on Remington every time and ofen jams on federal. It extracts every time but hangs on the feed ramp. I have honed & polished it and still no change.

It does well on 10 round ruger clips but hangs on the 18 round aftermarket clips.

I would be nice it they made the magizine release a bit more convienient.

I have only put maybe 100,000 rounds thru it and think it will loosen up once I break it in.
Lead vs. FMJ? Is FMJ healthier?

I also have a new (week old :)) Ruger MkIII Hunter. I've shot 50 of Wolf Match Target, 50 of CCI standard, 50 of Federal Target, 50 of Winchester, and 200 of CCI Mini-Mag. So far no jams or misfires.

But this thread brought to mind something else I was wondering -- the old lead vs. MFJ debate.

I was naively thinking that FMJ would be healthier for me and for the gun. Healthier for me, because there would be less lead in the air, and healthier for the gun because the copper jacketing would prevent/slow down lead fouling in the barrel. Of course, for all I know, copper fouling is even worse 1/2 :), hence the question.

So in something like a MkIII (as opposed to a Glock, where I read that there really is a big downside to using lead, at least in the stock barrel), is there a meaningful difference for the gun and for me in using FMJ instead of lead?

I've had my Mark II for about 20 years. Don't shoot it too often now.. but it didn't like any high velocity stuff. Federal and CCI std velocity are fine.
There are at least 3 people on my club's pistol team (Twin County League) who shoot the MK II. They seem to like RWS. The biggest thing they all seem to mention is their guns like to be kept very clean, or they get jamming.
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